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The Acoma Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

As Halloween approaches, Ben & Adam discuss the wonderful world of candy. They discuss their favorites, their least favorites, and share some observations and constructive criticism as to how varies candies are marketed.

Oct 22, 2019

Ben & Adam review some of Ben's key points from his sermon on evangelism. We're so often motivated by shame and guilt when it comes to evangelism, and those motivations are not from God. But what do Godly motivations look like?

Oct 15, 2019

Mark & Ben talk about Acts 29, a ministry network that Calvary Englewood is a part of. They discuss the characteristics of Acts 29, as well as why we as a church want to be a part this specific network. 

Oct 9, 2019

Mark, Ben, & Steve discuss reasons why people might not be connecting in the church. Steve walks us through seven specific roadblocks that people tend to struggle with.

Oct 1, 2019

Mark, Ben, & Adam discuss how we're to handle issues that are complex and involve disagreement with other people. How can we be Godly and gracious amidst disagreements with other people?